6. Please give us a hand 😊

Now that you know more about Makondo Pets and our big goals, you may also know that we can never do it alone and that we need YOUR HELP!

Of course there are many ways you can give us a hand, like telling your friends or other pet parents about us, or posting our post on social media.

Beside that, there are two great ways you can help us right now!

1. By sharing your opinions about your experience with the products (a.k.a. Product Review) 🌟

2. By sharing your ideas on how we can improve our sustainability. 🌱

1. Product Review 🌟

It will only take you one minute, but it will mean the WORLD TO US.

Your review help us continue providing great products and help potential buyers to make confident decisions.

Tip: You may also share a photo or video of your pet on your review!

Remember, if you're not completly satisfied, click here, we'll do whatever it takes to make it right.


This journey towards sustainability cannot be a solitary one. If you come up with a useful idea, share it with us, we'd love to hear it!


Makondo Pets + You (the pet parent): Together we're helping to protect the Planet!!

1. Saving the planet 🌎

Feel proud of yourself; read what you have already done to protect the planet while pampering your pet.

2. Guide + Freebies 📙

Download a free “Guide for Pet Parents” and participate to win a case of Makondo Pets’ products.

3. Benefits + Satisfaction👌

Learn about the benefits that this product brings to your pet. If you're not 100% happy, we'll make it right for you.

4. Join our community 📱

Pet Parent AND Planet Lover? You’re not alone! Join our community, we are all a family with the same goals.

5. More About Makondo ✌️

Learn more about Makondo Pets; our history, our founders, values, dreams, mission and much more.

6. Please give us a hand 😊

We need your help! We love to grow and improve by your side... There are 2 ways you can lend us a hand.

7. Make your Pet Famous 🌟

Make your pet a national “Superstar”. You receive a present while your dog or cat enjoys its fame. That's a double treat!

8. Be a MP 💰 Ambassador

Become a Makondo Pets ambassador! Join and win bonuses with each referral. Also earn & redeem “Makondo Points"

9. Makondo Kiosk 🐾

Find Supplements, Grooming and Delicious Treats for Pets + Pet-inspired home decor & accessories for pet lovers.