Our Story

Makondo Pets Founders & History

We are Federico and Sebastian; brothers, friends, partners and founders of Makondo Pets. We were born and raised in the countryside of Colombia, South America; where we learned to appreciate nature and every living being of our planet.

Our parents taught us to work as a team, and from our father (Veterinarian) we learned from a very young age the care and love for pets. One of us followed in our father's footsteps and also became a Veterinarian; the other one, got more interested to our mother's design and art teachings.  

In 2012 -after Federico immigrated to the United States-, we decided to merge our professions and visions, and apply the experienced acquired by working in the family business (Veterinary Medical Laboratory- Est. in 1978), to follow our dreams and create a company that serve what we care and love the most; PETS and NATURE.

Thank you for trusting us, for supporting us and for being part of this beautiful dream.


When we get asked who's your principal partner? 
We answer: "Mother Earth"

Animal Health - A Family tradition


Makondo is the town where all the stories generate in the Nobel Prize-winning novel "One Hundred Years of Solitude" by Gabriel Garcia Márquez (Macondo in the book).

"Magical and Mystical town; the place where reality, fiction, imagination, fable, dream and myth coexist. Is the place where nature is the center of everything and is as important as humans"

This description perfectly reflects what we want to be; a company with different and innovative ideas that lies is the intersection between the Pets, their Parents and the Environment.

Makondo's Mission

To provide high quality solutions for the wellbeing & happiness of pets and their parents, contributing to reduce harmful impact to our planet.


Be the preferred choice to those who prioritize their role as pet parents, the wellbeing of their companion animals and the planet conservation; by offering a wide variety of unorthodox solutions and pleasant experiences.


Each of our products are made exclusively in the United States and have been developed with environmentally sound concepts and natural components that provide a safe and natural experience for your pet.

We are proud members of associations that supervise quality in the industry and our products have been approved by them thanks to our high standard, ethics and commitment to the pet products industry!


• Love, care and bond; wellbeing and happiness.

• Natural approach, environment conservation, coexistence.

• Imagination, experiences, artistic thinking, innovation, service.

• Persistence, high quality, continuous learning.


Although Makondo Pets has manufactured Made in the USA products helping thousands of dogs and cats in the American market for more than 10 years, we have always felt a bittersweet feeling, because our goal is not only help improve the health and well-being of pets but to do so without harming our beloved planet.

It is unfortunate that only about 9% of plastic bottles are recycled, the other 91% end up polluting our beautiful planet.

That's why we are happy to say that: We are in the process of becoming a plastic-free company! it's not easy, we don’t know all the answers... but we're trying our best, please give us a hand!!!

know how

Our family has been in the pet industry since 1978. Veterinarians and pet lovers who care about animal welfare and protecting the planet.