🌊 Plastic-Free

"By purchasing alternatives to single-use plastics, you're helping to address this problem we are all facing 🐋🐠"

makondo pets plastic free solutions

Makondo Pets was founded in 2012, and we've been offering our products in plastic bottles since the beginning. Why? Because we didn't have any other options since the industry and the manufacturing facilities only offer this solution.

Our best option was to pack our products in ♻️ recyclable plastic, and we chose HDPE 2, as it is considered one of the safest forms of plastic. However, there is a shocking reality that:

"Only about 9% of plastic bottles are recycled; the other 91% end up in rivers and oceans polluting the planet"

 And, it takes 450 years to decompose HDPE through landfill. 

Fast-forward, we are now in the 20's decade and still our third-party manufacturers haven't migrate to a more sustainable solution. But time is running out for our planet, that's why we are taking the problem on our hands and we're beginning our journey to a more sustainable offer, transitioning to plastic-free packaging and shipping supplies. It's a solution that is not the cheapest or the fastest, but as we like to say: 

"We have chosen to do what is right, instead of doing what is easy"


Our Solution:

We have begun the transition with the line of supplements, which you will find packed as explained below:

Compostable Pouch and Label:




Important Note: Don't know how to compost? We´ve got you covered. Send us back the pouch or bag and we'll do it for you. 


Pet-Inspired Art Box:

We are also Art Lovers, the following is the first design created to start our sustainable journey! The world is always evolving, just like us here at Makondo Pets; our product box design will also change periodically, opening the opportunity for new emerging artists to showcase their art and be promoted nationally. 

 recyclable box Makondo Pets

Benefits of the Box:

1. The best protection for the product until it reaches your home. Especially for tablet supplements.

2. Ideal presentation to store in warehouses and resist mishandling by transport companies.

3. Great solution for pet stores; beautiful eye-catching presentation and shelf space optimization.

4. Designed by emerging artists. In addition to our environmental responsibility, we also support social initiatives. In above case, the box was designed by the emerging artist Linda Ochoa from Colombia, follow her! @ladelosmamarrachos

5. Perfect for reuse/repurpose; resistant material ideal to give the box a second life.

Get some ideas on how to repurpose your box here


Makondo Pets + You (the pet parent): Together we're helping to protect Mother Earth!

🌳Saving Rainforests

Each time you buy through our website, we donate to help save trees (and the animals that live within them) in endangered forests worldwide. This helps fight the climate crisis by reducing Co2 in our atmosphere.

🌊 Plastic-Free

“Only about 9% of plastic bottles are recycled; the other 91% end up polluting the planet” By purchasing alternatives to single-use plastics (such as our plastic-free solutions), you help address this problem.

♻️ Recycle-Reuse-Compost

Our pouches and bags are 100% compostable. The paper and cardboard used in the boxes, labels and marketing materials are fully recyclable. We encourage you to reuse/repurpose our pet-inspired art box.


We need your help! This journey towards sustainability cannot be a solitary one. If you come up with a useful idea, share it with us, we'd love to hear it!