♻️ Recycle - Reuse - Compost

"Recycling takes little effort on your part today, for a big difference to our world tomorrow 🌎"

 makondo pets recycle reuse repurpose

So, you finish administering your pet one of our high-quality products for the its well-being or beauty. What do you do now with the packaging that is left? 



With our new pet-inspired art box you can do it easily and in a fun way! 

You may be asking yourself: Why a mailer box instead of a regular packaging?

Lets face it; when you receive product on a regular packaging, what do you usually do? You open the box, take the product out and throw away the packaging.

We truly encourage the reuse / repurpose of products, what we want with a sturdy material is that you find a second life for the box. But who want to have an ugly box at home? That's why it has a beautiful pet-inspired design made by an artist.

So, how about a storage box for your kiddo's Legos? Or, a place to put your keys when you get home? Overwhelmed with tons of screws all over your house? You have your answer now.  Cardboards can be placed in the refrigerator, even in the freezer without any problem, so you may also find a use there for the box.

Get some ideas!

repurpose ideas for makondo pets box

We would love to see how you're repurposing it! Send us your pic in a private message to IG, we'll be happy to repost it! @makondopets




What exactly is compost? 

Well, ‘compost’ is actually an umbrella term used to describe the process of recycling organic material.

Simply put, compost is actually what you get when organic material (like food scraps, leaves, and animal products) decomposes properly. It's a nutrient rich, dirt-like material that can be used to enrich soil and nourish growth.

While this process takes time in nature, we can help speed it up by creating the ideal environment. By adding carbon (browns) and nitrogen (greens) to organic material, combined with lots of air and water, we create a nutrient rich substance that can be used as natural fertilizer to our soil - sustaining future growth.
*source: www.commongroundcompost.com. To learn more about compost, visit their website.


Makondo Pets Compostable Packaging

Our compostable pouches are ASTM D6400 compliant, additionally all of the raw materials and components meet FTC, ASTM D6400, and EN13432 standards.
The key raw elements that make up these components are bio-resins and wood cellulose. Additionally, our products DO NOT contain: BPA, Fluorinated chemicals such as PFAS, GMO ingredients, or animal products. 


makondo pets compostable pouches

To learn more about our pouches, click here

Home Composting

We encourage our customers to include the pouches in their home compost. Our compostable packaging will decompose in a reasonable time and is non-toxic - resulting in healthy compost to regenerate the soil.

Due to differences in climate and individual home compost bins, time to decompose may vary. The speed and efficacy of composting are largely determined by factors such as: local climate, season, carbon-nitrogen mix, and air circulation.

Unfortunately, like regular food waste, compostable products will not compost in a landfill. Composting requires the correct combination of materials, oxygen, heat, and moisture. Landfills are bad for the planet and do not provide the right environment for healthy decomposition.

Home Compost: 180 Days / Industrial Compost: 90 Days
* Results in home compost systems may vary.

compost by makondo




Let's say you reused the box to store your child's Legos, but after a while it got damaged due to wear and tear, well it's time to easily recycle.

Remember, our pet-inspired art box uses odorless water-based inks, it produces zero hazardous air pollutants. It is made mostly from recycled material, AND, it's 100% recyclable. 

recycle cardboard makondo pets

Why should you recycle the box? 

  • Over half of the cardboard collected is used to make new cardboard boxes, and additional cardboard can be downcycled into paperboard (used for cereal boxes) or chipboard (used for shoeboxes).
  • Making 1 ton of virgin cardboard requires 3 tons of trees.
  • Recycling 1 ton of cardboard eliminates 9 cubic yards of landfill space

TIP: Is better to collapse the box; most recyclers prefer that boxes are flattened to save space.




We are really happy that some of our solutions already come in sustainable packaging and shipping supplies, however there are still many others that still come in plastic bottles. 

In the meantime we ask you to make a little effort and recycle the bottles which are made of HDPE 2, a plastic that is considered one of the "safest forms of plastic".

 recyclable bottle makondo pets

 We are changing our plastic bottles for sustainable packaging


Is HDPE 2 plastic reusable?
Plastic number 2 can be reused without any harm. The durability and reliability of HDPE 2 make it efficient to use in the manufacture of various items like: Sturdy bottles for cosmetics and household cleaner. 


Makondo Pets + You (the pet parent): Together we're helping to protect Mother Earth!

🌳Saving Rainforests

Each time you buy through our website, we donate to help save trees (and the animals that live within them) in endangered forests worldwide. This helps fight the climate crisis by reducing Co2 in our atmosphere.

🌊 Plastic-Free

“Only about 9% of plastic bottles are recycled; the other 91% end up polluting the planet” By purchasing alternatives to single-use plastics (such as our plastic-free solutions), you help address this problem.

♻️ Recycle-Reuse-Compost

Our pouches and bags are 100% compostable. The paper and cardboard used in the boxes, labels and marketing materials are fully recyclable. We encourage you to reuse/repurpose our pet-inspired art box.


We need your help! This journey towards sustainability cannot be a solitary one. If you come up with a useful idea, share it with us, we'd love to hear it!