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Top 10 Tips for Optimal Health in your Pet

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Get up to 12 chances of winning a free case of products for your pet

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Makondo Pets + You (the pet parent): Together we're helping to protect the Planet!!

1. Saving the planet 🌎

Feel proud of yourself; read what you have already done to protect the planet while pampering your pet.

2. Guide + Freebies 📙

Download a free “Guide for Pet Parents” and participate to win a case of Makondo Pets’ products.

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Learn about the benefits that this product brings to your pet. If you're not 100% happy, we'll make it right for you.

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Pet Parent AND Planet Lover? You’re not alone! Join our community, we are all a family with the same goals.

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Learn more about Makondo Pets; our history, our founders, values, dreams, mission and much more.

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We need your help! We love to grow and improve by your side... There are 2 ways you can lend us a hand.

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Make your pet a national “Superstar”. You receive a present while your dog or cat enjoys its fame. That's a double treat!

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Become a Makondo Pets ambassador! Join and win bonuses with each referral. Also earn & redeem “Makondo Points"

9. Makondo Kiosk 🐾

Find Supplements, Grooming and Delicious Treats for Pets + Pet-inspired home decor & accessories for pet lovers.