5b Probiotics for Dogs and Puppies

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  • Makondo Pets Probiotics for Dogs & Puppies.
    Flavored, Made in USA, 5 Billion CFUs per Scoop – 90 Scoops 

    dog probioitics


    What are Probiotics?
    Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your pet’s health, especially the digestive system. Probiotics are often called "good" or "helpful" bacteria because they help keep your pet’s gut healthy.

    When your dog has low quantity, or lose “good” bacteria (like after taking antibiotics, for example), probiotics can help replace them.

    We usually think of bacteria as something that causes diseases, but the fact is that your dog’s body - as yours - is full of bacteria, both good and bad. 

    5 stars collagen for dogsThis product is comparable to other more expensive ones, but works just as well. My dog is on chemo-therapy and I use this to support his digestive system. Great for treating bad breath, gas, diarrhea.
     Steven C.


  • Benefits for your Dog:

    When regularly administered to your dog, this dog digestive enzymes powder replenishes the gut with “good” bacteria needed to counterbalance “bad” bacteria. As the “good” bacteria starts to disperse, your pet's stool will harden, it'll be easier for him or her to go & may also support the itching. The unique enzymes also neutralize odor-causing bacteria in the mouth, thus helping with bad breath.

    The overall benefits of the blend of the 9 Strains present in our formula are: 

    • General Digestive aid.
    • Helps maintain a healthy intestinal tract a proper gut flora & pH.
    • Helps support the protective layers of the bowel. 
    • Helps support proper digestion and bowel health and function.
    • Supports a healthy gut, digestive function and stomach pH. (diarrhea, loose stool, and constipation in dogs)
    • Aids in reducing occasional gastric distress and loose stools due to environmental stress or changes in diet.  

    5 stars collagen for dogsOne of my dogs has sensitive stomach and his stools were always loose. After some days of using this probiotics powder, problems seems to be gone. Highly recommended.
    Richard B.

    A well thought Product; 5 Billion CFU’s / 9 Strains.

    dog probiotics
    1. Strains:
      There are pet products in the market that have up to 22 strains of bacteria, but the reality is that very few strains have been studied to produce good results. Bacteria is alive, and each strain competes for absorption and colonization in the gut. Extra strains will dilute the valuable strains, and can actually render the valuable strains less effective. 

    2. CFU’s:
      You can also find products with exaggerated amounts of CFU’s (count of living bacteria per dose) this is not necessarily synonym of better results; all the opposite, clinical studies indicates that somewhere between 2-6 billions per day is enough for basic Gastrointestinal wellness. Remember, dogs have more efficient GI systems than us -humans-, so a super-loaded formula may be contraindicated for dogs. Products with high amount of CFU’s are usually human formulated products, labeled for dog’s use.

    That’s the reason why our product has only the best and most useful strains with the appropriate amount.

    Two things to remember.

    1. Our products are Veterinarian Formulated thought to bring wellness to your pet.
    2. More is not always better.

  • Directions:

    probiotics for dogs

    Stop trying to force or trick your dog to take probiotic supplements. Packaged in powder form, our dog probiotics make it easy to ensure your furry pal is getting his or her essential vitamins. Administer orally, it can be given during or after meal time (1 gram scoop included)

    probiotics for puppies

    PRESENTATION: Dry Powder = Effectiveness.

    probiotics for dogs makondo

    Dry powders are the most stable type of probiotic for dogs since they contain healthy bacteria in their inactive state. They do not require refrigeration and will react much better to temperature changes than other form of probiotics, such as liquids.

    The process of how dry probiotic powders work is very simple:

    1. Your dog takes the supplement with its food.
    2. Once it get to the stomach, the dry bacteria is reconstituted “comes back to life” in a natural process.
    3. Bacteria thrive in this acidic environment.
    4. Then, it moves to the intestines where probiotics multiply hundreds of times over.

    Another advantage of why dry powder supplements for dogs are more desirable over probiotic treats, chews, or dog food with probiotics is because the process of including probiotics in these types of presentations often kills the living organisms.   




    small to large dogs

    We wanted to give you a supplement that’s gentle enough to be used for pets of all sizes! Whether you’re taking care of an excitable new puppy or a grouchy senior dog, our product won’t let you down. Just follow the instructions on the label and adjust the dosage according to their weight. For larger pets that need more than one scoop, make sure to give one in the morning and the other in the evening.   


    dog omegas

    Nothing matters more to us than the trust of our customers, which is why we we take great pains to live up to your expectations of efficacy and potency. Every batch of this supplement is produced in the United States, and it does not contain any grain, soy, corn, or potentially harmful additives. We are also a proud members of Associations that control High Quality. 
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    * Source: onetribeglobal.com

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