Quick Tips to Celebrate 4th of July with your Pet.

Quick Tips to Celebrate 4th of July with your Pet.

On July 4th, we celebrate Independence Day; we enjoy the fireworks, but for dogs and cats it can be a time of suffering, follow these tips to make it less traumatic for them.

1. Prepare your pet for the noise: A few days before Independence Day, search the internet for fireworks sounds and play them so your pet gets used to these noises.

2. Isolate the noise: Close the windows tightly to isolate the sound of fireworks, find a place in the house where the noise is not so audible, play relaxing music for your pet and give him his favorite toy to be distracted.

3. Keep calm: Whatever you express, they will also feel it. This is why it is advisable to stay calm.

4. Give him a reward: When your pet is calm, pet him and give him a reward so he understands that this is the right behavior.

5. Avoid taking him to the street: In the street you will not have control over noises, your pet can get scared, run away and can get lost or have an accident. It is better to stay at home with your dog or cat.

6. If you have to leave him alone: It is advisable that you accompany him, but if you have to go out and leave him alone at home, leave some relaxing music on. To further isolate the sounds, try to isolate sounds that may enter through the doors with towels.

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