Pet Trainers and Evaluators

Pet Trainers and Evaluators

Pet trainers are exactly what the term implies:  people who train your pets.  Pet trainers can be very helpful when you do not have time or the skills to train your pet yourself.  They will take on the task of doing this job for you and offer dog friendly training techniques.  Look for a qualified pet trainer that is a certified member of a pet association.   And, ask if all pets are required to have been vaccinated before attending.

A skilled trainer will use humane methods to train your pet.  A good pet training facility will allow you to observe one of their classes before you enroll your pet.  You should note if the pets and people attending are enjoying themselves as this is an indication of how successful the training may be.  A good trainer should encourage all members of the family who interact with the pet to attend (if space permits, of course).  The lessons should also provide ample time for the participants to practice what is learned under the watchful eye of the trainer.  And, the participants should be allowed to ask questions and relay concerns. 

You may also be able to hire a pet trainer on an individual basis.  In this case the pet trainer will come to your home and work with you and your pet on a one-on-one basis.  For some pets this is a great option, especially if the pet has trouble dealing with, or is aggressive towards, other members of its species.  This individual attention also allows you to learn to cope better with any specific problems or issues your pet may be having.

A pet evaluator may also be a pet trainer.  If you have any concerns that your dog may be a biter, this could be one of the situations where you may require a pet evaluator.  The evaluator will be able to advise you on whether the dog is abnormally vicious or if their biting behavior can be corrected.  (A ‘red’ level rating is usually considered a vicious dog that may be uncontrollable.)

Pet evaluators are also often employed by SPCA agencies to evaluate whether an animal is adoptable.  They will evaluate the pet to see if, for example, a dog will bite when feeding or whether it is ready to put up with children in a family setting.  Some pets are not adoptable, but some may only need more time to get over any psychological problems they may be experiencing.

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