Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

In today’s world it isn’t only human medical treatments that command high prices.  Medical fees for your pet’s health can lead into the thousand’s quite easily.  An average cost if your dog is involved in a motor vehicle accident is approximately $4,890.00, or if your dog requires cancer treatments the cost can run about $3,600.00. 

No one likes to think of what may happen if your pet gets sick and possibly needs treatment.  And no one likes to think about what may happen if you can’t afford those expensive treatments to make your pet well again.

Pet insurance helps you budget in the event that your pet needs to be seen by a veterinarian.  A pet insurance plan can cover your pet for anything from eating a sock, getting an eye infection, cancer or diabetes, to developing heart worm.  Also if your pet is ever involved in an accident (such as being hit by a car) pet insurance would cover the costs for his injuries.

A pet insurance policy is paid with a monthly premium for a plan to help you cover the medical costs of your pet’s treatments in the event of an illness or accident.  There is usually a deductible involved, which is an amount that you have to pay up front.  The plan then usually covers the balance.  Be cautious when looking at plans though, which treatments will be covered under the particular plan you choose.  A cheaper plan may not cover everything (such as expensive radiation treatments if your pet develops cancer).

There are many different plans available and you will have to do a little research to find out the best plan for you and your pet (and your budget).  Pets as young as 8 weeks old are covered and usually they do not require a medical for your pet.  Be aware though, that some plans do have an upper age limit.  It is best to shop around for a plan that suits you.

Having a pet insurance policy in today’s world is recommended for your pet. There is nothing worse than not being able to help your pet friend when he needs medical help just because you cannot afford the medical bills.  It seems a small price to pay for the peace of mind.  When you have evaluated whether pet ownership is initially in your budget, this is one area where extra costs may be involved in owning a pet.

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