Fish as Pets

Fish as Pets

Keeping fish as pets can be a very soothing experience. Watching fish swimming in an aquarium can be very relaxing.

 There are so many varieties of fish to choose from that it boggles the mind.  Guppies, Catfish, Angelfish, Tetras, Swordfish, and Mollies are just a few popular types, as well as the all-important Goldfish.  Those are all fresh water fish, but you can also become a salt-water fish keeper.  Salt-water fish, however, do tend to need more care.

If you do decide to keep fish for pets, you do have to be careful what type of fish you put together in a tank because certain fish don't get along with each other.  For example,  Tiger Barbs and Angels are "territorial fish" and will pick on other fish in the tank.  You will need to find out from the pet shop which ones don't get along before you put them together. Also, Japanese fighters cannot be put with other Japanese fighters or they will kill each other (Try putting a mirror in with a Japanese fighter and see how he will be prepared to fight his reflection)  

There are an infinite variety of fish tanks and aquariums to choose from.  Equally important when choosing fish as pets is the water filtration system you need to keep your fish friends healthy.  Your aquarium can be made as simple or as fancy as you desire.

Fish are a relatively low-maintenance type of pet.  Of course they are kept in some type of fish bowl or aquarium, sized to the size of fish they are and the amount of fish.  It is a good idea to have a water filtration system which oxygenates their water and helps to keep it clean.  You need to feed them daily, which tends to typically be a simple affair, and you need to keep their water clean. 

 Although fish may not seem an exciting pet, they can be company as well.  You may even be able to teach your fish very simple tricks, such as following your finger when traced along the side of the glass, or coming to the top of the aquarium when you tap it gently for feeding. 

 The downside to having fish, however, is that they are not always a long-lived pet.  Some fish will die almost immediately upon bringing them home, but others can last a couple of years.  (We were amazed when two of our Goldfish lived for about 4 years.)  Fish can be delicate to take care of, and special care must be taken when cleaning their tank.

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