Dog and Cat Kennels

Dog and Cat Kennels

There are two meanings when you speak of pet kennels.  One is that a kennel breeds a certain type of pet, like a dog breeder who breeds Jack Russell Terriers.  The other is that of a boarding kennel.  Some kennels do both.  This article discusses boarding kennels here.

If you ever need to be away from home and cannot take your pet with you, you may have to leave your pet in the hands of a boarding kennel.  They are essentially a hotel for pets.  It can be tricky to find a good kennel, though.  You need to check out the kennel thoroughly before entrusting your pet to their care. 

Here are a few things to take into consideration before leaving your pet in a kennel: 

  • Be aware that your pet will be very insecure out of it home environment and you will need to be certain that the kennel staff will be sympathetic to your pet’s anxiety.
  • If you are giving your pet supplements, don´t forget to give them to the kennel with the instructions so they keep providing them to your animal.
  • Choose a kennel that has your pet’s best interest in mind—one designed for the health, safety and comfort of your pet.
  • Make sure the kennel facilities are clean and sanitary. Kennels should be cleaned and sterilized before any new pet uses it, as well as cleaned on a daily basis.
  • The buildings should be heated in winter, and other good ventilation of air (or ideally air-conditioning) in summer.
  • Although dogs are social pack animals and like to be together, choose a facility that allows your dog to have his own space instead of just a group of dogs in one room. If each space is enclosed by wire, the dogs can still share each other’s company without the risk of dog fights.
  • Be sure that the kennel will allow your pet to exercise daily. This will help your pet relieve some of the stress they may be feeling.
  • Some kennels play music around the clock to help your pet feel more relaxed.
  • There should also be staff on hand around the clock to check on your pet, if needed.
  • The best indication of whether you have chosen a kennel wisely will be when you pick up your pet, or drop them off for the next visit. They should be happy to go there, and although they may want to go home, you will be able to tell how your pet reacts after his visit.
  • If you have a cat, be sure that the facility for cat care is separated from the dogs. Your cat will certainly be more stressed if they have to fear the dogs around them all the time.

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