Biking and Hiking With Your Dog

Biking and Hiking With Your Dog

Strolling down the street with your dog leashed beside you is not the only way for you to provide your dog with exercise. 

Some people like to ride bikes for their own exercise routine and there is equipment that can help you exercise your dog while you ride. It can be dangerous for you to hold your dog’s lead in your hand while bicycling. You can purchase an attachment for your bike that holds the dog at an appropriate distance from your bicycle as he runs along beside you. The attachment typically comes with a harness for your dog.

This type of equipment helps make biking with your dog safer—the lead will not get caught in the bike and it also tends to discourage your dog from darting off after a squirrel or cat.


Nature Walks and Hiking
It is important to mention that if you wish to take your dog along on nature walks or hikes, be sure to supply him with appropriate flea and tick protection. A flea or tick collar, or spraying your dog with a long-acting repellant, is a must. 

Also, if the trail you are hiking on has sharp stones or rocks, or perhaps even sharp twigs or any broken glass, you may want to consider doggie-boots to protect your pet’s paws. Dog boots are available for almost any size or breed or dog. These boots slip on comfortably right over their paws and fasten securely in place with Velcro. It may be necessary to clip your dog’s toenails before a hike to protect them from getting caught in boots.

If you do want to take your dog for longer hikes, you may also want to consider taking along a little first aid kit in case of any mishaps along the way. The kit should at least include items like tweezers (in case of splinters in your dog’s paws, or possibly for removing porcupine quills if that may be a risk). You could also have paw salve in the kit in case your pet contracts sore paws, as well as antibiotics made for dogs in case of scratches or cuts.

If you wish to take a smaller dog with you on a hike for exercise, you may also wish to take along a small pet carrier in case your little pet gets too tired. These pet carriers are like baby slings where you carry your pet in bunting-like style. These carriers allow you to continue the hike while permitting your small pet to rest occasionally. Consider that while a larger dog may be able to keep up with you on a long outing, a smaller dog may not.

For larger dogs, you may want to consider a pet backpack to help him carry his own equipment. This would be very appropriate for working-class dogs.

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