American Shorthair Cat

American Shorthair Cat

Of all the cat breeds, the American Shorthair is considered one of the most popular type of cats to have as a family pet in the United States today. An extremely attractive cat, they originally were called the Domestic Shorthair, but the name was changed to American Shorthair by the Cat Fancier's Association (CFA) in 1965. The American Shorthair Cat was thought to have originated from cats brought over on the Mayflower, where it undoubtedly began as the ship’s ‘mouser’. Today in most households, these cats probably do not even disdain to try to catch a mouse.  They are more of a house cat suitable for petting and sitting sedately in one’s lap.

As the name suggests, these animals typically have a short-haired soft coat that comes in a rainbow of colors.  The most common colors are the classic silver tabby and the classic brown tabby.

Typically, these cats have eyes that are large, wide-set and almond-shaped. Most of the colored varieties of this breed can have a brilliant gold eye color, with the exception of the silver tabby which has a brilliant green eye color. Solid white-haired varieties of the American Shorthair can have gold, blue or can even display an odd eye color, like blue and gold together.

The American Shorthair is one of those cat breeds that are typically quite an independent, proud animal. Generally, they do not like to be extensively carried around by their owners. They like to explore and move around under their own steam, but they are not over-excitable or gregarious.

Indeed, these cats can be quite sociable when brought up in the family atmosphere and make excellent family pets, which is one reason they are so popular in the cat world today. They often display a quiet, loving nature. They tend to get along equally well with any dogs and children that are in the family group.

The American Shorthair is a medium-large cat that typically weighs about 8-12 lbs.  This type of cat is also a hardy cat and known for its longevity. The American Shorthair is typically quite healthy and robust. 

This is a very attractive cat that will appeal to many. You would not go wrong in choosing this breed of cat for a family pet. With its typical loving nature, it would be well worth your while to have this friendly, gorgeous animal purring and padding about your family’s feet.

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