You got more than a product... find out why.

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You got more than a product... find out why.

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Nothing matters more than the wellbeing of our beloved pets and we want to help you succeed as the best pet parent out there. You already made the first step which is acquire a product to improve your pet's health.

Now, allow us to help you out in the process by providing you with this PET PARENT'S GUIDE that our team has produced as a Complementary Gift for your purchase. 


makondo pets parent guide
If you’re anything like us, you consider your pets family members.

As such, it only comes naturally that we want our beloved fur babies living long and healthy lives. 

Find out what we have found are the most common mistakes pet parents make, which are the most important puzzle pieces to achieving optimal health in your pet.

Please enjoy this guide where we’ll share what we think are the quickest and easiest ways to improve your pet’s quality of life. 


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