About Us

Makondo Pets

We are a family-owned company based in Virginia. Veterinarians and designers with profound love and respect for animals. Our mission is to help improve the quality of life of companion animals. 

Makondo Pets - Proud Member of APPA.

Our goal is to help improve the wellbeing of pets all across America. As part of our commitment to pet owners in the USA, we are approved by the American Pet Products Association as one of their members. 

Is an honor to be part of it, always providing high quality, ethics and commitment to the pet products industry. 

Our Value Proposition
We have developed more than 55 successful products for Animals since 1975. We know what we are doing !

Our family history: A true love of animals
More than 60 years ago, the grandfather of the family, who served as a Veterinary pharmacologist, began a legacy of love and respect for animals that still lives on today. His son, a Veterinary doctor, founded a Pharmaceutical Veterinary Laboratory with the help of his own family, and together they have developed more than 40 products to improve the health and wellbeing of animals. The grandchildren, who have carried on the tradition of love of animals and Mother Earth, today focus all their efforts on developing the best pet products and apparel for animal lovers!

Our Products
Each of our products is made exclusively in the United States. Each product has been developed with environmentally sound concepts and natural components that provide a natural experience for you and your pet. 

We strive to help your pet live as healthy a life as possible, and through this extensive catalog products, we believe we are succeeding! We are extremely happy of the positive responses and feedback we have received from our customers, who share the stories of health and happiness of their dogs and cats.

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