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2022!! Celebrating our first 10 years in Market!!!
THANK YOU, we could have never done it without you!


Here at Makondo Pets, our goal is to improve the quality of life of companion animals! Founded over 40 years ago by a family of veterinarians and pet lovers we have developed over 55 successful products that are loved by our growing community of satisfied customers! We know what we’re doing and we love doing it!

Each of our products are made exclusively in the United States and have been developed with environmentally sound concepts and natural components that provide a safe and natural experience for your pet. We are proud members of associations that supervise quality in the industry and our products have been approved by them thanks to our high standard, ethics and commitment to the pet products industry!

From all of us at Makondo Pets, It is our pleasure to be with you for many more years, as we continue to develop and expand a full line of products that will help improve the quality of life for your beloved pets. 

Our Mission.
To provide high quality solutions for the wellbeing & happiness of pets and their parents, contributing to reduce harmful impact to our planet.

Our Vision.
Be the preferred choice to those who prioritize their role as pet parents, the wellbeing of their companion animals and the planet conservation; by offering a wide variety of unorthodox solutions and pleasant experiences.

Our Values.
-Love, care and bond; wellbeing and happiness.
-Natural approach, environment conservation, coexistence.
-Imagination, experiences, artistic thinking, innovation, service.
-Persistence, high quality, continuous learning.

Why Makondo?
Makondo is the town where all the stories generate in the Nobel Prize-winning novel "One Hundred Years of Solitude" by Gabriel Garcia Márquez (Macondo in the book).

"Magical and Mystical town; the place where reality, fiction, imagination, fable, dream and myth coexist. Is the place where nature is the center of everything and is as important as humans".

This description perfectly reflects what we want to be; a company with different and innovative ideas that lies is the intersection between the Pets, their Parents and the Environment.

About Us