Cranberry for Dogs. Urinary Tract Support

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  • Cranberry for Dogs Powder Supplement. Cranberry + D-Mannose, Echinacea & Natural Extracts to support Bladder, Kidney & Healthy Urinary Tract – 3.53 oz

    cranberry for dogs

    5 starsMy dog loves it, the smell is great and the incontinence problems have disappeared. Will be purchasing again, thanks.
    Kelly B.

  • Benefits for your pet:

    • URINARY HEALTH SUPPORT FOR DOGS: Helps maintain normal kidney function, and  normal urine pH in dogs & puppies of all sizes, breeds & ages!

    • WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our powdered supplement with Cranberry Extract, Marshmallow Root, D-Mannose, Echinacea, Licorice & Vitamin C, helps normalize bladder muscle function and promote proper urine mineral balance.

    • EASY DOSING POWDER SUPPLEMENT: Easy to administer powder for dogs. Can be given during or after meal time. 1 scoop a day for small dogs up to 15 lbs, 1 1/2 scoops for dogs 16-50 lbs, 2 scoops for large dogs over 51-100 lbs and 3 scoops for extra-large over 100 lbs.

    • SCRUMPTIOUS BEEF BACON FLAVOR: Beef liver & bacon flavor added for taste. Don't worry about your pup not liking it. It's totally YUMMY! The #1 top choice cranberry wellness powder for pooches with picky palettes.

    • FOR BOTH FEMALE AND MALE PUPS:  Supports healthy waste elimination, normal kidney detoxification and maintains normal bladder health and control in both male & female dogs. 

    Our Cranberry Supplement has been formulated with LOVE to support dogs with urinary health. It comes in powdered form, making it easier for pet parents to administer. 

    5 stars

    Our female dog was urinating way too frequently on our walks. Our friend recommended this powder for her and she was doing better within a couple days.

  • Ingredients in our formula:

    Cranberry for Dogs Ingredients


      ✔ SAFE, GENTLE, HARMLESS - Pure & Honest Ingredients - No Side Effects - Easy to Digest.

    ✔ TASTY FLAVOR DOGS LOVE - Delicious Bacon Flavor - Your Furry Baby Will Eat It Right Up!

    ✔ A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY - Only 1-2 Scoops Required Daily Depending on Weight of Dog 

  • Directions:

    dog urinary tract support

      cranberry for dogs



    small to large dogs

    We wanted to give you a supplement that’s gentle enough to be used for pets of all sizes! Whether you’re taking care of an excitable new puppy or a grouchy senior dog, our product won’t let you down. Just follow the instructions on the label and adjust the dosage according to their weight. For larger pets that need more than one scoop, make sure to give one in the morning and the other in the evening. 


    healthy skin and coat

    Our supplement won't let you down. Thanks to how nutritious it is, combined with your LOVE and CARE, you will find the expected results sooner than what you think. Just follow the suggested directions on the label, provide your pet with nutritive food and pamper him/her as the beloved baby it is.  There are tons of benefits that have been linked to the ingredients in our formula. 


    dog omegas

    Nothing matters more to us than the trust of our customers, which is why we we take great pains to live up to your expectations of efficacy and potency. Every batch of this supplement is produced in the United States, and it does not contain any grain, soy, corn, or potentially harmful additives. We are also a proud members of Associations that control High Quality.

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