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  It is very important that your pets get the right amount of exercise in order for them to stay physically and mentally healthy.  Often this means that a dog should be walked for at least a ½ hour or 45 minutes per day.  Without this amount of regular exercise your dog could become tense or mischievous and look for ways to dispel his energies. If you do not have time to walk your dog then you may want to hire professional dog walkers to provide this service for your pet.  Simply put, dog walkers come to your home are...

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When you exercise your dog, it is always helpful to have the right equipment in order to make the task more fun for you and your dog, as well as safer. In most cases you only need a leash for your dog and a good pair of walking shoes for you. It is also good pet etiquette to take along scoopers and requisite waste elimination equipment to clean up those ‘accidents’ that may occur along the way. Another thing to consider when exercising your dog is water. You do not want your dog to become dehydrated so you may wish...

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House training your puppy means teaching him where he is allowed to go to the bathroom.  This is one of the first lessons you need to teach your pet, and it is an important one.  The precedents you set for your pet in the first days of his time with you can last for a lifetime.  And you and your puppy need a clean and sanitary home to live so teaching basic house training is very important for your healthy living environment.  Unsanitary conditions due to pet urine and feces can promote germs and can lead to many health problems...

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