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Dogs, like people, can suffer from various mental health issues. They can become depressed, and within this depressed state suffer from loss of appetite, loss of interest in normal activities, or weight loss. They may seem to mope around a lot and be distracted during your attempts for their attention. Dogs can suffer from aggression, which can also be a mental health issue. And, they can become timid or fearful. If your dog suffers any of these mental health issues, regular exercise may help him to snap out of it. Consider your dog in a depressed state, perhaps because of...

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Some people have a hard time knowing the difference between spaying or neutering.  Here is the dictionary definition from the North America Encarta English Dictionary: Spaying: “to surgically remove a female animal’s ovaries and adjacent parts of the uterus” Neutering: “to remove the testicles or ovaries of an animal” Now that you know what it is, you have to decide if you wish your pet to undergo this procedure.  It is a big decision and can affect your pet significantly, in more ways than one. Not spaying or neutering your pet can mean that your pet can bear offspring, i.e. a litter...

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