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Does your dog have behavior problems? Does your dog chew furniture and destroy your house when you are not home? Is your dog aggressive with other dogs or people? Does your dog bark excessively, or maybe he excessively digs holes in the yard?  He may even defecate or urinate in the house. All of these problems could be as a result of your dog getting insufficient exercise. A dog with excess energy needs exercise to spend that energy, otherwise he may find his own ways to react to that pent-up liveliness. If he is not exercised regularly he will become...

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When you exercise your dog, it is always helpful to have the right equipment in order to make the task more fun for you and your dog, as well as safer. In most cases you only need a leash for your dog and a good pair of walking shoes for you. It is also good pet etiquette to take along scoopers and requisite waste elimination equipment to clean up those ‘accidents’ that may occur along the way. Another thing to consider when exercising your dog is water. You do not want your dog to become dehydrated so you may wish...

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There is no doubt that dogs need exercise, probably even more than humans do. How much exercise your dog gets is virtually up to you since he is dependent upon you for all his daily needs, whether it be food and water, companionship, play or exercise. Be assured that a dog that gets the right amount of exercise is a healthier and happier dog, which makes a better pet for you.There are a couple of things to consider when you are trying to determine how much exercise your dog needs. There are various factors that will dictate how much exercise...

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