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BikingStrolling down the street with your dog leashed beside you is not the only way for you to provide your dog with exercise.  Some people like to ride bikes for their own exercise routine and there is equipment that can help you exercise your dog while you ride. It can be dangerous for you to hold your dog’s lead in your hand while bicycling. You can purchase an attachment for your bike that holds the dog at an appropriate distance from your bicycle as he runs along beside you. The attachment typically comes with a harness for your dog. This...

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In getting your dog to exercise, you may have to take into consideration what the weather conditions are like in the area where you live. You may also need to consider the type of dog you have in your exercise plan when dealing with winter or summer exercise, or hot or cold climates.  For instance, your small Chihuahua may have trouble exercising outside on a very cold winter day because his short coat may not give adequate protection.  Alternately, a dog with a heavy coat, like a Newfoundland dog, may have trouble dealing with exercising in hotter weather.   Here are...

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It is essential in dealing with your pet’s health issues to have the right vet for your pet. Different veterinarians can specialize in certain types of pets, for example, there are distinct cat doctors or vets that specialize in snakes or other exotic creatures. There are also ones that are general practitioners that deal with all types of animals. Below are a few tips for you to find the right veterinarian for your pet.:• Look for a veterinarian as soon as you get your pet home. It is not a good idea to wait until your pet is ill before...

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