Skin and Coat Supplement for Dogs and Cats

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Skin and Coat Supplement - Out of Stock

We are very sorry to announce that due to Hurricane Irma, we have suffered shortage on this product 

The batch that was about to be released suffered water damages. To manufacture a new batch will take longer than usual because of all the damages made in the area by the hurricane.

We are hoping to have the product back on inventory by the beginning of October.  

Thanks for your understanding, and please allow us to keep being your prefered option for your Pet's Skin Issues.


Makondo Pets'  Skin and Coat Supplement is a natural formula that provides the daily nutrients to keep your pet's skin and coat in the best shape possible.

  • MAX SAFE SKIN-HEALTH COMBINATION: The supplement contains fish oil fatty-Acids, Amino Acids & Minerals, as well as biotin. Its incredible nutritional value lies in its de-shedding, anti itching, anti-flaking & anti-skin-drying abilities. Ideal for dogs & cats with allergies and hot spots. 
  • BRAND NEW COATING: One of its greatest benefits for your pet is the ability to strengthen the weak coating, as it nourishes the hair roots and acts as a growth accelerator. Thus, it creates a silky, resistant, shiny coat – it also helps to maintain the natural luster & skin elasticity, as well as it remarkably reduces hair loss. 
  • BACON FLAVORED TABLETS: The 60 Chewables, contained in the bottle provide a healthy, shiny coat for your dog or cat, while at the same time it nourishes, refreshes and fortifies the skin, from the inside. An easily administered, super-protective product, which also is great to enhance your pup’s vision as well. The fish oils and the omega 3 it contains, are known to give unbelievable support to the eyes and help with vision issues – especially for senior pets. 
  • PERFECT FOR SKIN CONDITIONS & ALLERGIES:  It has the ability to help in putting such situations under control, as the fish oil fatty acids and the vitamins it contains, make up for all the missing substances of your pet’s organism. In this way, your pet will be able to receive all the necessary nutrients in order to strengthen its immune system and fight off these conditions successfully (along with your vet’s treatment of course).


- Results in healthy and fortified skin that successfully fulfills its protective shield function.
- Helps to reduce dryness and flaking of the skin.
- Helps to reduce skin itching.
- Improves skin permeability to water.
- Reduces the excessive production of earwax.
- Helps to reduce inflammatory reactions in the skin.
- Provides strength to the skin against bacterial and fungal infections.

- Gives the hair shine, silkiness and resistance.
- Maintains the natural luster and shine of the hair.
- Prevents dry or damaged hair. Maintains the elasticity and vitality of the hair.
- Rejuvenates and fortifies the hair.
- Provides strength to the coat.
- Prevents hair loss associated with nutritional factors.
- Helps reduce bad odour.
- Provides strength to the skin and coat against parasitic infestations such as fleas, ticks, mites or lice.

Improves the immune system, f
acilitates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, improves pet eyesight, helps maintain normal functioning of body cells, has an antioxidant function that slows aging and deterioration of the skin and hair by capturing free radicals, and promotes hormone production. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

What Does A Dog Need To Have A Healthy Coat & Skin?

That’s right! The Makondo Skin & Coat Supplement.

A uniquely created product that provides your pet with all it may need in order to maintain its good health or to fight off skin allergy problems & hair loss.

Mother Nature Takes Action

Sometimes eating our regular food is not enough to protect our organism from possible health problem inducing factors – such as lack of Omega 3 may lead to visibility problems or a bacterial infection.

The same rule applies to dogs and cats as well. Most pets do not get their necessary daily portion of vitamins and minerals, in order to sustain their health.

Makondo Supplements have arrived to change that. They contain all the Omega 3, the vitamins and minerals quantity needed, to keep your dog or cat healthy and well, for longer.

Healthy, Safe, Amazingly Working

The package contains 60 bacon flavored Chewables, to give as a treat to  your pet or mix it with its food – a healthy, natural mix to provide a magnificent appearance and protection to your dog and cat.

Here in Makondo Pets we are eager to offer our finest quality veterinarian- tested & approved products, in order to help every puppy and kitten get its health back, any way we can – we feel this obligation as we are dog lovers & caretakers ourselves.

Help your best friend fight bravely any situation from within!

Add To Cart Today & Help Your Pet Regain Its Lost Strength & Confidence By Placing Your Order Now! 

Article: Importance of Fish Oil in your pet´s nutrition.

The Magic Formula For A Shiny Coat? - Fish Oil For Dogs
By: Antonio Mcrae

Have you been considering fish oil for dogs? Is it a good idea to give it to them? Do you condition your pet's hair and skin? Are you trying to improve the appearance of your pet's coat to make it more shiny and healthy looking? If these questions are a concern to you and you've been looking for a solution for your pet's special care then try fish oil for dogs. The health benefits provided by fish oil for dogs are amazing. This oil is inexpensive and only creates positive results for your beloved pet. The animal medical community recommend using fish oil for a variety of ailments such as kidney disease, arthritis, and skin conditions. There are so many benefits to using fish oil that it is difficult to say anything bad about its use, long-term it just means a longer life.

Fish oil for dogs is used to treat an array of medical disorders and skin conditions. Many people think that more is better and make the mistake of giving them the same dosage as humans. This can be a mistake. First and foremost, check with a veterinarian before giving your dog any dosage or kind of fish oil. Dogs are generally smaller than humans so the human dosage will not apply to them. Second, find out which form of this excellent health supplement is best for your dog. Fish oil can come in such as liquid form or soft gel form.The form and dosage of the fish oil should be determined based on the size, weight, and treated condition for the dog. If the fish oil is being used for general health maintenance, a 800 mg twice weekly dosage for a large dogs is adequate while a smaller dog only requires a 250 mg twice weekly dosage.

They key health benefits from fish oil for dogs come from omega-3 fatty acids in the oil. Like humans, dogs don't produce the omega-3 fatty acids, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). These fatty acids are vital to the immune system in the dog's body for every cell to properly function and maintain life. Giving your dog this oil will help heal many ailments and skin conditions and improve the overall quality of life. It is simply a huge benefit all around and you can't go wrong by including it in the dog's diet.

People always feel that a dog is a man's best friend. Don't skimp! Just make the treatment available to your pet. Fish oil for dogs is a natural health supplement to keep your dog in excellent physical and mental condition so he can live life to the fullest. You certainly would not want to do anything less for your dog? So purchase this life-saving, life-changing "miracle drug" for your dog so he can be healthy and happy as he ages.