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In today’s world it isn’t only human medical treatments that command high prices.  Medical fees for your pet’s health can lead into the thousand’s quite easily.  An average cost if your dog is involved in a motor vehicle accident is approximately $4,890.00, or if your dog requires cancer treatments the cost can run about $3,600.00.  No one likes to think of what may happen if your pet gets sick and possibly needs treatment.  And no one likes to think about what may happen if you can’t afford those expensive treatments to make your pet well again. Pet insurance helps you...

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Some people have a hard time knowing the difference between spaying or neutering.  Here is the dictionary definition from the North America Encarta English Dictionary: Spaying: “to surgically remove a female animal’s ovaries and adjacent parts of the uterus” Neutering: “to remove the testicles or ovaries of an animal” Now that you know what it is, you have to decide if you wish your pet to undergo this procedure.  It is a big decision and can affect your pet significantly, in more ways than one. Not spaying or neutering your pet can mean that your pet can bear offspring, i.e. a litter...

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It is essential in dealing with your pet’s health issues to have the right vet for your pet. Different veterinarians can specialize in certain types of pets, for example, there are distinct cat doctors or vets that specialize in snakes or other exotic creatures. There are also ones that are general practitioners that deal with all types of animals. Below are a few tips for you to find the right veterinarian for your pet.:• Look for a veterinarian as soon as you get your pet home. It is not a good idea to wait until your pet is ill before...

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